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Several people have reported unreliable operation from the webhost BRAVENET.COM webpage containing the survey form. These technical difficulties are outside of my control, as I am only a subscriber of services at Bravenet. Problems appear to be of an intermittant nature, and some people are getting through, and a few answers are being received.

An alternate website which contains the questions is:

This is a no-functioning simulation of the form.

This site does not have the capacity to record and submit answers automatically, due to technical limitations imposed by that webhost. If you do not have access to the WORKING version of the survey page, you can view a simulation of the form at the address above.

If you have no concerns about answering the questions by email, below are the survey questions. Just reply to this email and type in your responses and send the email to: LionKuntz at Your email return address information will be removed as the answers are compiled with the others received. This is not as completely anonymous as the website email form, but I have no prediction when the glitches at will get corrected on a holiday weekend.

What is your zipcode? 
(Needed to understand regional differences in answers) 

How many acres do you actively cultivate?  

How many crops are you growing in 2001?  
(Consider different cultivars as different crops for purposes of this question.) 

What is the highest value crop you have marketed in the past five years? 

How large an area did you plant of your highest value crop?  

Please estimate the dollars-per-square-feet of the plotsize earned by your highest value crop. 

(If you would rather, just state the plot size and total crop sale amount and I will do the math of square-foot earnings of that crop. Include in the size all necessary land used for driveways inside the field to harvest crop, or other non-growing land necessary for being successful with this crop. In other words, just stating the average plant size and the harvest value off the plant does not truely reveal the total land costs of producing that crop.) 

How long is your frost-free outdoor growing season?  
(Measured from last frost date of spring to first frost of autumn.) 

Do you grow crops beyond your outdoor season using season-extension devices, like floating row covers, cold hoophouse tunnels, warmed greenhouses?  

What is the total value dollar of your out-of-season crops grown (or partially grown) with season-extension devices?  
(Include the dollar value of transplants you greenhouse grow from seeds instead of purchasing transplants, but do not apply the full outdoors season value beyond the transplant stage since that value would have been obtained from purchased plants just as well as from your own grown nursery stock.) 

How much money have you invested in drip irrigation equipment and supplies over the past ten years?  

How much money have you invested in greenhouses in the past ten years?  

What is the most unusual expense that you have paid in the past five years? 

What are the three biggest costs you face every year? 

How confident are you that you will be in the same business operating almost the same way five years from now?

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