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Lion Kuntz lionkuntz at
Sun Sep 2 13:00:34 EDT 2001

It must have been a temporary glitch on the system. I just logged on minutes ago.

This is cut & pasted from the browser address bar, assuring correct spelling:

Current stats show 28 visits, 3 new submissions for current total of 6 answerers.

Thanks to those who tried, thanks to those who responded. Although the number of answerers is low, there is still information of value obtained. I would not have guessed that out of 30 crops Asparagus would be considered the highest value one, but one answerer said so. Two said basil was their highest value crop, which considering the long harvest season and the high prices for the popular herb, makes sense if you have the market for it.

Although every area of the USA has experienced partial or total season droughts within the past ten years, several answerers are taking their chances or using higher cost (energy costs and aquafier depletion costs) in watering systems other than drip systems, and have no plans to change.

The nice thing about a totally anonymous survey is that people do not have to posture and give the answers they thing they "ought to say" and can tell it like it is without personal concern about how their answer looks to others. But I only have found one webhost system which can accomodate the web form questionaire, and they are having technical difficulties this week. I have not been able to modify some pages or upload revisions to other pages this weekend.

Intermitant problems have not stopped some people from getting through, and some of them succeeded in submitting the form.

Although I have no control over the system, I apologize to those inconvenienced from my invitation to use their service through my webpage.

Sincerely, Lion Kuntz
Tenino, Washington, USA.

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