Busy on the farm

Marie Kamphefner kampy at grm.net
Wed Oct 31 21:01:13 EST 2001

Regards to the list:

Hello eveyone.  Good to see familiar names again.

There is the Small Farm thing in Columbia, Missouri this weekend - well, 
actually, I think it starts tomorrow.  I sure wish we were going but there 
are too many things going on here.  Phil from Iowa, are you still planning 
to attend?

Joan, it was good to see that you're still alive and kicking.  How is your 
commercial kitchen coming along?

We finally got the hoops up on our hoop house - don't have plastic or ends 
on it yet.  I've been scattering grain inside the hoop house and all the 
poultry goes there and scratches and pecks - they about have the grass 
cleaned out.  I am hoping to have fresh greens in there early in the 
year.  Found out why we're not getting very many eggs - a calico cat and 
the big white dog are helping themselves.  Don't know how we will solve 
this unless the cat gets lead poisoning and we'll install grills on the 
chicken house doors.  We sold ALL the geese and I sort of miss them, 
especially the little young goose that had a pink bill and pink legs and 
feet.  We have a horde of guineas.  The moms kept coming out of the switch 
grass with 20-25 young that we took away from them until they were big and 
then gave back.  I didn't see one grasshopper here this year!  I give the 
guineas credit for that.

The Doyle blackberries we planted in the spring have done extremely well 
and they're all mulched for winter.  Our field awaits the big tractor and 
drill to plant hard red wheat on the bottom.  Our fingers are crossed that 
it won't rain again until the wheat is in.

The Strawberry Lane Bakery is well on its way into existence.  We're moving 
the big ovens Sunday.  Then, after the heating & cooling guy gets the hood 
and vent installed, I'll be ready to open.  I've been practicing making 
pies and breads and muffins and cookies.  We could have easily gotten into 
a fight over the last piece of the chocolate meringue pie I baked.  I don't 
know how I will stay out of the stuff I bake to sell!   I believe I have 
found THE killer cinnamon roll recipe.  It's basically bread with caramel 
stuff on the bottom.  Add pecans and we're cookin!  We find that we like 
Julia Child's pie dough recipe the best - half Crisco and half butter and 
it's to die for, but very expensive.  Probably will go with Mrs. Grant's 
pie crust recipe with milk and vinegar.

I plan to offer desserts from the garden with zucchini recipes and carrot 
and pumpkin recipes.  Perhaps an onion focacia and spinach quiche.  Expect 
to sell our produce in the shop as well.  If my energy level stays up, I 
might have soup and salad lunches with a slice of home made bread.  Who 
knows where it all may lead?  I might even find someone else who loves 
sauted radishes.

I'm open for recipes!  hint hint!

Enjoy your books this winter.  I'll be slaving over a nice, hot oven!

Marie in Missouri

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