market-farming digest: October 30, 2001

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Wed Oct 31 14:22:45 EST 2001

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> MARKET-FARMING Digest for Tuesday, October 30, 2001.
> 1. Health Insurance?

Thanks to all who responded on the dreaded question of Health Insurance.  A lot of good thoughts there!  For those of you on Medicare or Medicaid---and are over 50 years old---AARP offers a supplemental program for cheap that looks pretty good.  Membership to AARP only requires you to be over 50 (not necessarily retired) and
pay your $10 per year.  They  covered my homeowner's and truck insurance for $250 less per year than my local company.  Unfortunately they don't do major medical.

As far as irradiated seed goes----I guess open-pollenated is the way to go.
                                                    Sora at Paradise Valley Farms

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