Mid-Eastern squash

Rob Johnston Jr. rob at johnnyseeds.com
Wed Oct 31 07:19:33 EST 2001

> On a more important subject: Zahra seemed to be a much more vital and
> prolific plant.  And subjectively (to us and a number of our long
> time customers), the taste seemed to have more pizazzzz.

Taste superiority of Magda was a strong thing in its favor.

> But then, as I think back, it might be environmental factors. Our summers here in
> Virginia since the time of the variety switch have been cooler. For
> the past 2-3 years we haven't had any of those delightful (for a
> southerner) 30 day stretches of over 90 degree days. Maybe the squash
> only really thrives is hot weather.

Why don't you grow them both next year side by side.  Do you have a remnant of Zahra seeds?

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