Health Insurance?

Alex McGregor waldenfarm at
Tue Oct 30 09:55:29 EST 2001

I haven't researched health insurance lately- we're covered under a state plan that
includes Medicaid, uninsured and uninsurable.

20 years ago, however, we had what we called a "catastrophic" group policy with a
friend- enough people to make a "group" -back then you only needed 3 people.  We
had a group policy through a major insurance company.  It was cheaper and more
comprehensive than an individual policy.  ("Catastrophic because we chose a high
deductible to keep the premiums lower.)

Our "group" was not employment related, it was "association" related.  We had an
organization, incorporated through the state as a not-for-profit (not 501-c3 with
feds).  If you have any orgs. or assocs., it's easy to incorporate.

My experience has been that I get better coverage and service with a major
insurance co. And the key to good service is a local agent who provides service,
not just sells policies.  Look for someone who handles insurance the same way you
do your farm business- service, knowledge, competence and people oriented.

Alex McGregor
Walden Farm

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