Irradiation and seeds

Rob Johnston Jr. rob at
Tue Oct 30 07:56:50 EST 2001

> The company (no competitive bids here) that is getting the contract
> for the irradiators claims it will only be irradiating flats, meaning
> letters, (there is a thickness issue - the technology can only
> irradiate a certain thickness of paper)  This is great for those
> first of the season boxes of seeds, (I understand there is a proposal
> to start gassing these with -- I can't recall the agent) but how
> about those 'flats' that I receive throughout the season from
> Johnny's when I  realize that I don't have enough arugula or tatsoi
> seeds.

Right.  Not to mention the amateur seed exchange members mailing each other a packet at a timel.  Stay tuned.  Not enough info yet to have a solution.

> (and since I'm on the subject we need to get back to that
> mid-eastern squash variety Johnny's carried several years ago, and
> not the one they carry now).

You liked Zahra (former) better than Magda (present)?  How?

> And some irradiation is starting in my area of the country, DC.  I
> understand some of the mail is being shipped out to an irradiation
> plant in Ohio.  This is a policy that is just being implemented.  We
> need to make sure our interests are protected now, before hundreds
> and hundreds of millions of dollars are spent on a technology that
> causes more harm than good. The seed companies need to take the lead
> in this one (they have more money and staff than us family farmers).

Hmmm...I think that our success follows that of our clientele.  So, we have an interest in your economic I hope you do in ours.  ;-)

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