Health Insurance?

Chris Sawyer css at
Tue Oct 30 06:40:06 EST 2001

I am one of those disabled farmers, and I am on medicare, which is terrible. My
partner was with NASE until recently when she changed to Blue Cross for better
coverage. Our experience with NASE is that they hire salespeople on straight
commision and those folks work out of their homes. The home base is in Dallas I
think. We did not find that the coverage was that good for regular sicknesses
and stuff. It was more of a catastrophic policy. We had a hard time getting
them to pay for a detached retina repair and switched.

Chris Sawyer

WB Carver wrote:

> 2) The National Association for The Self-Employed (NASE) offers a variety of
> services for self-employed people. Health Insurance being the biggest item.
> I used the NASE several years ago and they were pretty good at the time.
> BUT...

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