Irradiated mail and seeds

Leigh lh at
Mon Oct 29 10:28:20 EST 2001

>Our Quality Assurance Manager, Norma Rossel, is investigating the 
>ins and outs of this potential issue.  No irradiating is happening 
>yet.  Our USPS rep are telling us not to worry, that they won't be 
>zapping our seed shipments.  Same word from the private carriers, 
>UPS, Fed-X, etc.
The company (no competitive bids here) that is getting the contract 
for the irradiators claims it will only be irradiating flats, meaning 
letters, (there is a thickness issue - the technology can only 
irradiate a certain thickness of paper)  This is great for those 
first of the season boxes of seeds, (I understand there is a proposal 
to start gassing these with -- I can't recall the agent) but how 
about those 'flats' that I receive throughout the season from 
Johnny's when I  realize that I don't have enough arugula or tatsoi 
seed. (and since I'm on the subject we need to get back to that 
mid-eastern squash variety Johnny's carried several years ago, and 
not the one they carry now).

And some irradiation is starting in my area of the country, DC.  I 
understand some of the mail is being shipped out to an irradiation 
plant in Ohio.  This is a policy that is just being implemented.  We 
need to make sure our interests are protected now, before hundreds 
and hundreds of millions of dollars are spent on a technology that 
causes more harm than good. The seed companies need to take the lead 
in this one (they have more money and staff than us family farmers).
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