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Marcie A. Rosenzweig fullcircle at jps.net
Sun Oct 28 11:26:31 EST 2001

Greetings from Tulelake, CA in the Klamath Basin.  There has been 
frost every night since we got here on the 22nd.  Actually feezes on 
three of those.  Record lows in these parts.  We will be here through 
November 8th.

We have 13 folks in our AgBusiness Planning and Management Skills 
course.  These are some of the best growers, from the cultural 
standpoint, I've had the privilege of working with so far.  All are 
at least three generations deep in the soil here with some going back 
five.  We're all genetic dirt addicts so we have that in common, too.

The towns around here, Tulelake, Malin, Merrill, and Klamath Falls 
are all showing the impacts of years of low prices for farmers as 
well as this year's government-made disaster with the water cut-off. 
No one has escaped untouched.  Wells are being drilled for other than 
domestic water for largely the first time.  The underlying aquafer is 
an unknown at this point.  In droughty years like this one, recharge 
may be an issue.

Hope to get to the refuges soon to do some bird-peeping. There were 
more birds in the sky in September, when we were here before than 
there are now, at the height of the migration.  Re-watering the 
refuges came late so birdom may have looked elsewhere for lodging and 
food.  Food is another issue.  the birds depend on the ag crops 
around here for nutrition.  No water, no crops, no human food, no 
bird food.  The B&B where I'm staying was booked with birders this 
time last year.  Right now, I'm the only one here until my partner 
gets back.

I'm off to run copies of handouts for next week's classes.


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