EPA approves Bt corn

Jill Taylor Bussiere jdt at itol.com
Sun Oct 28 12:17:45 EST 2001

Kevin, Del,
    Although Bt may come from the soil, that doesn't meant that it's use and
the results of it are all fine.  In soil health, balance is an important
thing.  There is potassium in the soil too, but if there is too much or too
little, different health for soil, plants, organisms and microorganisms will

    I have read research results that state that Bt corn does result in high
concentrations of Bt in the soil around the roots  of the GE corn grown
there.  What the repercussions of this are, I don't know.

                                Jill, Wi

Kevin wrote:
> Bt is derived from the soil.

> > Has anyone read anything about problems with Bt in the soil over the
> > run?  That is, what is the effect of  Bt on life in the soil?    What
other beneficial soil organisms
> > are affected by Bt?
 > Del Williams

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