Pea trellising

Lucy Owsley goodows at
Wed Oct 17 07:30:08 EDT 2001

We use 4' to 6' fencing tied (or we also weave the stakes thru the
fence) to fence stakes sunk every 8' or so for our peas. It doesn't take
long to put up the fencing  and it will last for decades and is fairly
cheap (real cheap if you get the fencing equip used). We don't drive the
stakes into the ground for the long term so they are pretty easy to get
out of the ground when you want to move them.

I have used the plastic netting and find it can be a pain as it gets
tangled in storage (much like christmas lights-you put them away in what
you thought was an orderly manner and than when you need them they are a
mess.) and will last at best 4 years.

Lucy Goodman-Owsley
Boulder Belt Organics
New Paris, OH

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