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Jennie Lee tulipcreek at
Tue Oct 16 23:31:44 EDT 2001

Hi all -
	does anyone out there have any good ideas for trellising 
peas? I need an inexpensive, lightweight, reusable trellising system 
that I can move around from season to season with my rotation. I'd 
also like to be able to put it together myself as opposed to buying 
something prefab. There is a trellising net in the Johnny's catalog 
that caught my eye but its not cheap and though it claims to be UV 
resistant plastic, I'm wondering how long it really holds up. Has 
anyone used it before?
	 I'll need to trellis around 200-300 row feet of peas this 
spring and would appreciate any thoughts. I'm using a post and sisal 
twine set up right now that I'm not really thrilled with. Thanks for 
your thoughts.
  - Jennie Lee

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