Health Insurance?

sora sora at
Sat Oct 13 13:42:21 EDT 2001

I run a small CSA--Farmer's Market operation in North Idaho.I manage to
get by and make a profit.  My question to you all is How do you deal
with Health Insurance?  Our neighboring state of Washington, only 1 1/2
hour drive away has State supported Health Insurance available to all
residents at a sliding scale.  Someone working subsistance level can get
full Major Medical for about $20 per month.  Here everything I find is
at least $200/month for very poor coverage.  I suspect there are other
CSA type folks out there like me who just can't afford the insurance or
the medical bills incurred.  In most cases, insurance rates drop
drastically if a large group buys together.  Are there any groups out
there in CSAworld that have considered gathering to purchase insurance
on a group level?

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