Dock in pasture

Ron Malor rmalor at
Sat Oct 13 05:40:36 EDT 2001

Hi All,

Many thanks to those who replied to my posting. Much appreciated. 
Unfortunately the dock species which are giving me a pain are Swamp Dock 
(Rumex brownii) and Mud Dock (Rumex bidens), neither of which, as far as I 
can ascertain have any potential commercial use. As they infest, to a 
greater or lesser degree, about 65 acres some of the control measures 
suggested are not really practicable. Am going to try intensive strip 
grazing with goats and see if they will get stuck into it and the thistles. 
Hopefully in preference to the grass and clovers. many thanks again.


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Ron Malor

'Redbank Grazing'
Mole Creek
Northern Tasmania

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