market-farming digest: October 11, 2001

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Fri Oct 12 02:37:08 EDT 2001

Hi All

This is a much more complex and complicated situation than sound bite 
from Fox News can cover.  There has been a working group representing 
all the players in the upper basin in a consensus project for years 
that was almost derailed by the Judges ruling in April.  There are 
many broken treaties with the Klamath tribes and the homesteaders 
from WWI and WW II were given permanent deeds to water by the Bureau 
- another "treaty" broken if you will - not to mention the multiple 
wildlife refuges, several of which were established between the 
tribes treaties and the homesteader deeds.  The Basin is home to some 
of the best farmers and ranchers around using some of the most 
creative and conserving practices around - none of which can make up 
for the total mess made by political entities fighting for turf. 
Unless you live in California or Oregon and have spent time in the 
Basin with the parties involved, it's difficult to have a grasp on 
exactly how labrinthine it all is.

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