Fw: Poultry Shipping Progress Report

Kevin Ancell kancell at goodearthgardens.com
Wed Oct 10 20:58:34 EDT 2001


 All of the hatcheries and other folks involved with shipping
 live birds have finally gotten a bill, HR 2590, through the
 Senate and into committee.  To insure that we will be able
 to stay in business and ship your poultry to you this coming
 season, this bill must be passed through committee just as
 it is stated without any changes in the language.

 PETA and the Humane Society, two very active animal rights
 groups, are contacting each committee member asking them to
 consider changing the language of this bill. A change in the
 language is what the animal rights people want and
 dismantles our bill and all we have worked for. Please don't
 let them win.

 Every office on Capitol Hill can be reached by calling 202-
 224-3121. Listed below is a list of the committee members.
 If any of these listed elected officials represent you or
 your district, please take the time to give this number a
 call and tell them NOT TO CHANGE THE LANGUAGE IN BILL - H.R.
 2590.  Even if you are not represented on this committee
 please call your Senator and urge them to tell their peers
 on the committee to not change this language.

 We are on the last hill.  Help us reach the top.

 Thank you.
 Murray McMurray Hatchery



 Ernest Istook  5th District  OK
 Frank Wolf 10th District  VA
 Anne M. Northup 3rd District  KY
 John E. Sununu 1st District  NH
 John E. Peterson 5th Distinct  PA

 Steny Hoyer 5th District  MD
 Carrie Meek 17th District  FL
 David E. Price 4th District NC
 Steven Rothman 9th District NJ
 Peter J. Visclosky 1st District IN



 Ben Nighthorse Campbell CO
 Richard C. Shelby AL
 Mike DeWine OH


 Bryan I. Dorgan ND
 Barbara A. Mikulski MD
 Mary Landrieu LA

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