glenda J Aughinbaugh aughinbaugh at
Thu Oct 4 09:06:20 EDT 2001

>Though both have a lemony flavor, sheep sorrel is considered a
medicinal, has
>small, reddish leaves, shallow roots and sends out underground runners.

I don't normally post here, but I have spent enough hours in the
greenhouse trying to get rid of all those "underground runners" that I
felt it my duty to warn anyone thinking about growing this, it will
become a NOXIOUS WEED in your greenhouse and you will never be able to
get rid of it!  The seed pods ripen and when touched spew seeds up to 3
feet can't control it.  It very well may be medicinal, but by
all means keep it outdoors! (It was brought in hitchhiking with a potted
plant at the place I worked, they had never seen it and let it grow, now
it sprouts up everywhere in the greenhouse.) 
The sorrel I am familiar with for culinary use, is the French Sorrel.  A
friend likes it in salads and in soup, but I agree, it was a little
strong for my taste.  It is a very hardy perennial in our area (zone 5). 

Rebecca Aughinbaugh
NW Missouri 

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