David Inglis mhcsa at
Wed Oct 3 23:41:55 EDT 2001

Maybe you mean wood sorrel which is very common, looks sort of like Dutch
white clover also tastes of lemon but is very different from the garden
Sorrel which is a perennial herb with pointed leaves growing from the base
of the plant, it's leaves have a distinct lemony flavor. Seed for the garden
type is available and once it is established it is easy to take care of as
long as you cut it back to the base when it seeds out in the hot weather in
time to get a fall grown crop in addition to the spring. Like any perennial
you have to keep the grasses out.
I have only 3 or 4 C.S.A. sharers that take it but they take a lot [two
square yards per cutting per share] and prepare a soup from it. It boils
down to nothing but the end product is really good especially if they make
it for you. This is one of those crops that the people in the know are
fanatics about but don't foist it on unsuspecting sharers.
Good luck.
David Inglis
Mahaiwe Harvest C.S.A.

  One of them has asked for sorrel.  I may be
> wrong, but I think it grows wild in these parts.  Can anyone
> please tell me
> what they know about growing sorrel and how it is used?  I don't know how
> to recognize it.

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