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Wed Oct 3 19:52:28 EDT 2001

 >One of them has asked for sorrel. I may be 
wrong, but I think it grows wild in these parts. Can anyone please tell me 
what they know about growing sorrel and how it is used? I don't know how 
to recognize it. So far, I've not found anything in any of my books.

Marie in Missouri

There are a few different types of sorrel. Rumex crispus and R. obtusifolius are commonly known as dock, R. aquatica is water dock, R. acetosella is sheep's sorrel.  They are all a strong acidic astringent with diuretic effects.  People do use these in culinary means in salads, sauces and soups, but they are poisonous in large quantities because they contain oxalates.  More commonly eaten is R. scutatus which is French Sorrel.  It is less acidic and use in the same culinary ways.  I've tried soup but, did not like it-very acidic.  I have never seen French Sorrel grow wildly, but it I am not sure.  I think that dock would be really, really strong and acidic, anyone ever try it?  I had a recipe for soup, but don't seem to be able to locate it.  I did not have luck selling French sorrel so it got plowed under years ago.  I did dig up a recipe for sorrel salsa, but never tried it since sorrel should be used first thing in the Spring when the leaves are very tender, and the recipe calls for ripe tomatoes...didn't have any of them then!

Weather has been good here, getting lots of strawberry cultivation and cover crop planting done.  We are still picking most everything, good green and half runner bean fields coming in.  The stand is decorated for Fall and the pumkins are good, considering they never got any irrigation and we had 3/4 inch of rain in July and 1 inch in August total!

So happy to hear the bakery is progressing well.  Good luck!


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