Marie Kamphefner kampy at
Wed Oct 3 13:24:35 EDT 2001

Regards to the List:

Hello everyone!  My bakery is coming along nicely - the building is being 
remodeled and I've gathered lots of recipes.  I'm looking at a November 
opening and hope to sell 500 Thanksgiving pies.  :-)  One of the categories 
of offerings will be "Desserts From the Garden."  You know, just about 
every bakery item could be in that category, but I'm thinking about pumpkin 
pie, carrot cake, zucchini muffins and bread, fruit pizza and so on.  We 
have TONS of green tomatoes!  I am thinking about making green tomato 
mincemeat for pies later on.

Funny thing; NOW that I don't care if I have them or not, I'm getting CSA 
customers for next year.  One of them has asked for sorrel.  I may be 
wrong, but I think it grows wild in these parts.  Can anyone please tell me 
what they know about growing sorrel and how it is used?  I don't know how 
to recognize it.  So far, I've not found anything in any of my books.

Isn't it a beautiful time of year with the trees changing colors, the mums 
blooming in all their glory and the delightful pumpkins stacked in spicy 
piles along the road?  *sigh*

Marie in Missouri

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