Brian and Jacqueline Potzkai potzkai at hotmail.com
Tue Oct 2 21:50:44 EDT 2001

David - You sound like the perfect candidate to become a member of a new 
branch of the Secret Society - the SQS (Secret Quince Society) shhh!  No one 
even knows of its existance.

Now onto some not so secretive stuff.  I thought I would share something 
that I had learned this year - you may already know of it.  The forums for 
chefs and those who just really enjoy the culinary arts is an excellent 
place for finding a market for those specialty items.  I found a market 
there to sell our Schatten Morello's for $4.00/lb.  We sold out again this 
year - but it was a tough sell as many don't know what to do with them - 
unfortunately we found the $4/lb customers when our crop was gone.  The 
quince trees above the property we farmed produces heavy yields - it would 
be a shame to lose even one of those fruits to due to a lack of customers.  
Good luck with your crops, Jacqueline

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