David M Guynn davecherylguynn1 at juno.com
Tue Oct 2 09:30:39 EDT 2001

Quince were selling in a local market for $ 1.00   each    
    Maybe this is a new cash crop   
              If we don't keep all this about quince's a secret  there
will be quince thieves out there    Quince bushes are almost like morrell
mushroom spots ,to be protected at all costsv and bragged about.    I am
hesitant about telling where i live for fear of unscrupulous ones
crossing state lines and taking our fruit from western Pa. (ops)  My
friend and I are taking steps to corrall the quince market.  We have a
quince orchard planted in a secret  location and  we are tying the known
bushes up in long term leases with their owners and in some cases buying
the bushes and moving them on to our land. 

             My wife of 20 yrs. refuses to have anything to do with
quinces ,finding new bushes ,making anything out of them,of eating
them,or anything.  I always let about a bushel rot on the porch each year
just to see if i can get her involved  ( ( turn her to the dark side.) 
At $1:00  each  this is a costly venture but I think she is worth it .  

  PS  pick them when they start to turn yellow  makes great  quince jelly
,quince butter and can be canned like stewed apples                      
                D Guynn
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