update on oxford farmers market (long/ personal)

nan and stewart stewart at watervalley.net
Mon May 28 20:18:52 EDT 2001

Just to again thank all who helped me with advice on starting a farmers market in Oxford, MS.....we had our first saturday, a big success and LOCAL GROWERS ONLY (no vendors!!!)

since all the growers are pretty new to market farming, there were more customers than produce, so sold out by 10 a.m. (started at 8a.m....wow, what a late start, no?!!)

Once in a while I will be bringing some of my smaller farm animals to set up on a lawn in a small pen, to add to the festice atmosphere..

BTW, my sister growers all UNDERPRICED their quality produce....so I gave them Lynn B.'s Growing 4 Market talk about setting a price that truly represented their labor, materials and the quality of their product!  Most had to raise their price by almost a dollar ($1.00) PER POUND.....i think women tend to undervalue what they do and sell, especially.  I know my customers always insist that i raise the price on my goat milk, goat cheese and yogurt (chuckle).....

peace, nan j.
dancing goats farm
n. mississippi
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