ground hogs

William McKay bmckay55 at
Mon Dec 24 17:28:54 EST 2001

I have been trying to configure my browser to get rid of junk mail.  Did not 
realize that most of them consider mail from email lists to be 'junk' so I 
missed some of the posts on ground hogs.  Just as well, they send me into a 

Just a small one.  The other night I heard what sounded like a big owl.  
Went out and took a look, and there was a fairly large great horned owl.  It 
was really lovely.  She was calling to another owl who was off over the way 
a bit.  Went and looked up what theylike to eat.  Woodchucks are a favorite.

Merry christmas to me and may they stick around until the spring.


Bill MCKay in E. Massachusetts &   distributor of 
Italian seeds from Franchi Sementi spa, seedsmen since 1783.

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