Duration of juglone (walnut root residue) in soil?

Leigh lh at pressroom.com
Sat Dec 22 10:02:07 EST 2001

we have at least 20 black walnuts around the place.  The largest (so 
I don't cut it down) is near my major field.  The closer you get, the 
smaller the plants.  No vegetables grow under the limb span.  I've 
also noticed that the nuts (which somehow fall really far from the 
tree) are another source of trouble for crops.

I have cut walnuts down and planted in the general area.  I haven't 
taken special note but my feeling is that the effect lasts for a 
number of years after the tree is gone.  Gradually improving, but 
never getting great (we're talking short term, less than a decade)

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