Duration of juglone (walnut root residue) in soil?

sunnfarm at netscape.net sunnfarm at netscape.net
Sat Dec 22 09:45:19 EST 2001

I have an English Walnut 40 years old 60 ft tall at the very edge of one of my fields, its one of the few trees on my farm so I won't cut it down, but I plow and plant within 8 feet of the trunk I have planted over the years 2 crops of staked tomatos 3 cauliflower crops 2 zuchini 1 pumpkin 1 melon 3 corn crops 1 field soybean 1 wheat crop 1 cut sunflower crop and 2 fall mum crops and have never seen any damage from Juglone, as long as there was plenty of irrigation the only limit on yield was the shade directly below the drip line, at one time against the tree were beautiful lilacs and 15 feet away was a nice productive sour cherry and a spiriea bush, I don't see what all the fuss is about...Bob. 

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