Fencing the market garden

Allan Balliett igg at igg.com
Fri Dec 21 11:17:29 EST 2001

>Yes,  I don't remember which of the two they recommend for goats I 
>use.  It works though.  Even though you would think a goat would 
>jump it, they  are quickly educated -unlike the deer.
>And I would also like to put a plug in for their chicken netting. 
>We have a real predator problem.  But since using the chicken 
>netting I haven't lost a one, and the chickens that once would fly 
>over every fence, don't (though that took several months of contact 
>with the electric fence before they came to the conclusion that it 
>was better not to risk flying into it).

I am using the premier netting for my chickens. First night I put it 
up SOMETHING knocked down big sections of it. After that night, never 
another problem, except, strangely one night when I was out of town 
and 'someone' forgot to turn on the netting. Where I am now (a 2nd 
location), a similar thing happened the first night. The fence 
clearly doens't get 'tested' nightly, however, since it has been off 
many times with no invasions.

Unfortunately, my Rhode Island reds routinely hop the netting 
(although they will not eat near it!), much to the delight of the 
ever present foxes (both grey and red).

By the way, I talked to Premier at ACRES. It's 'ok' to patch the 
broken white wires with good 9 strand twine (ok, you probably already 
knew that but I always need permissin from the factory) (just tie it 
in there) and if those round plastic connectors break, you can use 
'stick epoxy' to make a pellet to hold the lines in the right places. 
I was releived to realize that I didn't really need a 'kit' in order 
tokeep my netting 'hot'

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