market-farming digest: December 20, 2001

velta Mack velta at
Fri Dec 21 01:17:23 EST 2001

> I'm looking to fence a 4 acre market garden for this coming season.
> The purpose of the fence is to keep out cows, sheep, goats, dogs,
> humans, rabbits ground hogs and foxes.
> I'm very attracted by 'horse fence,' which is a woven fencing with
> 1x4 openings.

See if you can find deer fencing, also called orchard or deer and rabbit
fencing.  It is similar to regular field fencing in that the spaces are
graduated, but the rows of wire are very close together at the bottom.  It
is cheaper than the horse fence - not as cheap as fiend fencing - and is
easier to stretch.  I put up all three kinds this year and I used the deer
fencing where it was going to be too hard to stretch the horse fence
(because it is heavier gauge, it is harder to stretch).

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