Fencing the market garden

Peter Worsley pwors at svn.net
Thu Dec 20 20:43:22 EST 2001

I use steel T-posts 30' apart, with 9 strands of hotrope, 6'6" high, and
a battery-powered fence charger from Premier Fencing. I've had it 6
years, no deer or cattle in the garden. You have to weedeat (or flame,
or mulch) under the bottom strand to keep weeds down. When I need to get
the tractor to an area not accesible through the main gate, I simply
take down a section of fence, then put the conductors back up when I'm
through. The conductors should be 4"-6" apart near the bottom to keep
out small critters, and 12" apart above that, with a more visible wide
hot tape at the top so deer won't try to jump the fence. Good luck-

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