Fencing the market garden

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I know of area farmers here that go to construction companies that use the 
"erosion control" 2' - high fences that have a black felt cloth attached and 
"save" rolls of them from the dumpster. The come galvanized and don't rust; 
the spacing is about 3" X 4" rectangle. Unroll them, tear off the cloth, and 
hog-pin them together to make up 8- or 10-foot fences. 

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G R O W  L O C A L  -  E A T  F R E S H

What's On The Table? Are you a part of it? What's your point of reference? 

-Consumers and Families: Enjoy fresh, local, healthful food 
-Gardeners: Connect to the earth by growing in your backyard or in community 
-Sustainable Farmers/Food Vendors: Nourish people, preserve land, create 
jobs, connect the city to farm through viable markets 
-Agribusiness: Controls the farmer, the farmworker, the food, the land, the 
seeds, the genes 
-Anti-Hunger Advocates: Feed the hungry, serve soup kitchens and food banks; 
but want charity to become justice, and handouts to become real jobs 
-Faith Traditions: Nourished by sacred meals; they minister to people in 
need, and bridge farms and cities 
-Chefs: Reach out to local farms, buy in local markets, serve taste, flavor 
and health 

(adapted from why. spring/summer/fall 1999) 
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