Fencing the market garden

Allan Balliett igg at igg.com
Thu Dec 20 13:35:20 EST 2001


I'm looking to fence a 4 acre market garden for this coming season. 
The purpose of the fence is to keep out cows, sheep, goats, dogs, 
humans, rabbits ground hogs and foxes. (It's amazing how destructive 
foxes can be in a raised bed garden!) I'll worry about the deer later.

Economics is important here, as is ease of installation.

I'm very attracted by 'horse fence,' which is a woven fencing with 
1x4 openings. Unfortunately, it sells for about $1 a foot. America 
wire, with its 6x5 inch 'holes,' sells for about 30 cents a foot. 
Welded wire is even cheaper, but it does not tighten to the posts 
well (or easily) and it can be broken by heavy animals.

I'd like to hear what your experience with garden fencing has been. 
Maybe the 48inch American wire with the small openings at the bottom 
would be all that I need, but it seems that foxes (and probably 
rabbits) would just climb through the larger openings.

Your suggestions will be appreciated

Allan Balliett
Loudoun Co, VA

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