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> You can go to the following web
> page to see what symantec/norton antivirus says about it.  Thanks

Well, it also says the following, which seems to me to say that even though 
this is a legitimate Windows file (at least for versions newer than WIN98, I 
guess), a virus can infect it... 

The virus/worm <A HREF="">W32.Magistr.24876 at mm</A> can arrive as an attachment named 
Sulfnbk.exe. The Sulfnbk.exe file used by Windows is located in the 
C:\Windows\Command folder. If the file is located in any other folder, or 
arrives as an attachment to a email message, then it is possible that the 
file is infected. In this case, if a scan with the latest virus definitions 
and with NAV set to scan all files does not detect the file as being 
infected, quarantine and submit the file to SARC for analysis by following 
the instructions in the document <A HREF="">How to submit a file to SARC using Scan and 

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