market-farming digest: December 13, 2001

Marcie Rosenzweig fullcircle at
Fri Dec 14 08:02:09 EST 2001

Hey Brian and Jackie,

Pesticides are by definition anything that kills a pest, just as 
herbicides are anything that kills plants.   The reason most markets 
ban the "no pesticides" signs is twofold: first, it's confusing to 
consumers who have trouble distinguisihing "no pesticides" from 
organic, and secondly, most of the time it's just plain incorrect. 
By the definition of "pesticide," soap sprays, Bt compounds, and 
diatomacious earth are pesticides. To take this one step further to 
the ridiculous, if you handpick tomato worms and stomp them, YOU are 
a pesticide.

"No sprays" is probably even worse since even a garlic and cayenne 
spray or ground bugs spray while repellents and not "pesticides" are 
still sprays.

Americans are notoriously imprecise in our use of language.

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