"Beyond Organic".

jay gee jgj23 at mindspring.com
Thu Dec 13 10:42:52 EST 2001

Robert Farr wrote:

>>I suggest we all use the term, "BioIntensive", with the marketing slug,
>>"Beyond Organic".
>>Any  rules against that???

and Marcie Rosenzweig replied:

>Yep, Robert, there is.  The USDA now owns the "O" word for all 
>intents and purposes and the rules prohibit anyone claiming they have 
>a stronger "O" standard.

The smart marketer's way around this is to define how you
do things in comparison to the USDA "Organic" standard.

You do not have to claim a "stronger 'O' standard," if you
follow higher standards than the USDA.  What you claim is
that your product "exceeds USDA Organic standards."

Just be prepared to prove that your production standards
are an improvement over the USDA standards.  If your
claims are truthful, there are very few courts in the land
that will deny you your Constitutional right to Free Speech
in the arena where you earn your living.

Imagine all the good "public relations" the USDA would
engender by litigating an independent farmer who can
prove that s/he produces higher quality than the standards

Jay Gee
not a farmer -- but interested in farming

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