Cayenne pepper

Glenn France gfrance at
Fri Dec 14 05:34:56 EST 2001


Our office has recently planted several thousand native seedlings as part
of a desert reclamation project.  We are having problems with rabbits
eating the seedlings as it has been dry recently and there isn't much else
available to them.  We want to use natural methods to deter them.  we have
heard that a mixture of hot cayenne pepper and water sprayed on the plants
will keep rabbits at bay.  We have also heard that too strong a
concentration will result in the plants dying from spray mixture.  Does
anyone know the correct proportion of cayenne to water that will deter
rabbits and let the plants live?  Also, are there any other "natural"
methods for keeping rabbits from seedlings.  Fencing is not an option as
the area is too large.

Thanks for any help,

Glenn France

Research Specialist
University of Arizona
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Office of Arid Lands Studies
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