"Beyond Organic".

marc at aculink.net marc at aculink.net
Thu Dec 13 15:14:14 EST 2001

This country's people started tearing it apart the same day
the constitution was signed. I am not in the least surprised
at where we are today as a lot of folks are genetically
programmed to be indentured servants with a pack mentality
to an elitist higher power such as royalty, socialism or

We'll have Bush and the government opposition party for
maybe another term then the other guys will be back. Not to
worry. Then we'll have a perfect world!!

There will be no more pollution, need to work, death,
disease, war, or discord. Universal medical care, free
seeds, pregnancy in a tube (mandatory due to the dangers of
natural reproduction), all organic, no meat or pets (unless
they want to be eaten or petted), no cars, voters rights for
8 year olds, etc. Everyone will be in heaven on earth and
think in the same way! Inter species marriage bigotry will
be ended.

Farm land will be an open space, have unrestricted room for
endangered species, recreationalists and still have bumper
organic harvests without pesticides with enlightened
volunteer farmers who saw the light and changed from nasty
ole profiteering land hungry farmers who selfishly kept that
land to themselves to play on. Somehow vast areas will be
returned to pristine condition for hikers who for some
reason do not see the millions of other hikers on the
pristine land.

Cancer will be cured and the common cold gone. All
Republicans rounded up and reprogrammed or shot as they are
the cause of all evil including optimism. All vestiges of
aggression and testosterone outlawed and eradicated by
public health projectionists forces who have no aggressive
tendencies but act out of love with non-aggressive looking

All businesses governmentalized and run in tune with
universal justice and mousetraps outlawed. Whales, porpoises
and spotted owls get the vote. 

PETE (People for the Ethical Treatment of Everything)
replaces PETA as Pat Schroeder teams up with the UN, NOW,
one worlders, perfect worlders, Berkleyites and Dan Rather
to win their case in the World Court that everything is
equal and related to everything and is sentient. Rocks and
dirt get the vote. Florida outlaws ballots.

Osama Bin Laden captured by FBI working in Berkeley.
Berkelyites riot due to anti- terrorist bigotry.  Gets
forgiven by Berkeley town council. Federal District Court in
California upholds ruling that Bin Laden innocent due to
lack of childproof airplane locks. Charges filed in Berkeley
court against aircraft manufacturers for child abuse and
reckless endangerment, "...should have know Bin Laden or any
reasonable person would be tempted to...".

There will be no more erosion, pollution, gravity,
pesticides, friction or tornadoes. Lions will volunteer to
guard the lamb and rain forests will take over the Sahara
desert when the hundredth person/monkey/rock says "wouldn't
it be nice if...?" The moon will start rotating and slinging
non dairy cheese at us to eat.

Perfect world's a coming. Stay tuned.


> Just an/other sort of fascism.  And the worst part?  Most people are
> perfectly happy to be told what to do.

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