Seeds and Organic Certification

Wiediger, Alison awiediger at
Thu Dec 13 12:21:50 EST 2001

And, boy is that a can of worms - equivalent - what if they decide, in their
collective wisdom, that a totally inappropriate variety is 'equivalent' to a
variety that is one of our mainstays and that mainstay is not available as
organic seed?  We'll just have to 'wait and see' I guess.  March 2002 is a
little late for the 2002 growing season. We're buying organic seed when we
can, but it's still a small percentage of our total seed order.
Johnny's,Fedco and Territorial are doing a great job making as much
available as possible.  Alison Wiediger

> From: 	Rob Johnston Jr.[SMTP:rob at]
>    We stay in touch with the National Organic Program about this
> topic.  The standards say that you have to use organically grown seeds
> if an equivalent variety is commercially available.  How do you
> interpret that?  Good question.  The USDA (NOP) doesn't know, and admits
> that the language is vague.  They plan to attempt to clear it up at a
> meeting in March 2002.

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