the big 'O' question

Brian and Jacqueline Potzkai potzkai at
Thu Dec 13 10:08:36 EST 2001

At our farmers market you are not allowed to use the words PESTICIDE or 
HERBICIDE or FUNGICIDE as in "Pesticide free", etc.  I can understand how 
limiting 'organic' is a good thing in many ways, many years ago I purchased 
40 lbs of organic peaches for canning just to find that the farmer was only 
using the term but not the practise.  However, limiting the use of 'pestide' 
I find is quite confusing, why can't one say that they don't use pesticides 
if they actually don't, we all know that our farms can be inspected at any 
time for proof of our claims.  But, for some reason everyone is allowed to 
use "SPRAY" as in "Spray Free".  Why?......

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