the big 'O' question

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Thu Dec 13 09:33:21 EST 2001

Okay folks, lots of good discussion on certification and alternatives.
What's the opinion on using the word translated into a different language ?
For instance, we are Au Naturel Farm, what about us being 'organique' ?
German, organisch, or a phrase for organic food :  die Biokost.  The Feds
own 'organic', do they own it in other languages as well?

Yes, I believe that the rules will be a good thing in some ways - the
consumer will know what the label actually means and it will mean the same
thing in all states.  But codification of the label will bring its own set
of problems, and each of us has to weigh the problems against the benefits.
Since our customers know us, there are no real benefits, except for
marketing to new potential customers.  For the large producers, for whom the
law is actually written, it'll be worth it.  But for those of us who direct
market, it's questionable. We don't even know yet what will happen with our
state's program, will it be dropped (a lot will be), and then where do we

Anyway, forge on with the ideas !  We got our Fedco catalog yesterday, and
will be finalizing seed orders tonight.  Anyone know a good place to buy
Gnatrol(BT for fungus gnats) ?  Our seed catalogs don't have it, and since
we had a terrible problem last year with fungus gnats, we want to be
prepared this year, just in case!

Alison Wiediger, Au Naturel Farm

Alison Wiediger, Technician
Hart County Schools
awiediger at

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