Thornless Blackberries

Robert W Arnold rwa at
Thu Dec 13 07:41:39 EST 2001

>How far north is Marianna?  What chilling do you get?  If you have any 
>Florida varieties, please tell us about them.

If there are any Florida varieties, I don't know about them yet. So far, I'm
looking at the Apache variety. I'm about 20 miles southwest of where AL, GA,
and FL all come together. As far as chilling goes, we're not having any this
year, or rain either for that matter. Normally we would have had some good
frost by now, but the weather hasn't been normal ever since the government
to it over! :)
The okra I cut down is re-sprouting and tomatoes are blooming.
Anyway, thanks for the link!

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Robert and Shirley Arnold
2398 Bridgecreek Road
Marianna, FL 32448

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