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> I, too am in a quandry.  My plan last season was to save as much seed as I
> could for the following season.  But I became ill during that time and
> wasn't able to do that.  Now as I look at the catalogues, I see that 99%
> the varities I am use to growing will not be organic.
> I had made a decision early last year that I would not become organic the
> following season, but then I was asked to sit on the Organic Advisory
> for Washington state.  I felt I couldn't complain and rant against
> I had an opportunity to put in my two cents worth for the small acreage
> farmer.  So here I sit.......
> What I have decided to do in the two days that I have been mulling it over
> is to purchase the varieties I am use to growing.  I can't label that
> product organic,  I'll use something else.  My sign that hangs on my
> will need to be changed I think to reflect both the organic and whatever
> other term I decide upon.  I know I won't see a change in income from
> My customers are a very loyal group and with a little explanation they
> concurr I am sure.
> The only impact I see is one of record keeping.  It will mean I will have
> keep track of just the organic product so that I can report it on my
> certification application the following year.  The result of this will be
> less fees for me to pay, and less income the department will take in.  If
> enough people did that the impact would be very noticable to the pencil
> pushers and perhaps some of these rules may become more logical.
> After all money talks.
> Michaele
> Growing Things
> Carnation Wa
> of us on
> > this listserv - do we certify organic or do we not ?  We are hoping that

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