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Tue Dec 11 14:26:18 EST 2001

On Tue, Dec 11, 2001 at 08:39:42AM -0600, Jim and Julie Vaughn wrote:
> Several farmers are interested in setting up an upscale farmers market in
> the Franklin, Tennessee area at a great site that is already drawing
> customers (restaurants, shopping, convention area, dance studios,
> antiques, etc.)  It would be a great place to start but the owner needs
> $1000/mo in rent for a covered pavilion, with concrete, electricity,
> water etc.  The capacity of the building is about 34 large booths (12x13)
> or 68 halves.  Right now we are hoping to find 20 vendors to begin.  This
> puts the farmer cost at a minimum of 300$ for a six month season (open
> one or two days a week).  

That sounds GREAT!  So many markets are marginal in part because they 
operate out in the open and/or in out-of-the-way locations.  Your 
landlord is willing to rent for only six of twelve months?  Is that for 
one day a week or all days?  The "large" stall sounds none too large; I 
don't see you using half stalls.  You have good access with vehicles?
> Is this fee unreasonable for a market startup?  What are some of the fees
> other farmers are paying to sell their goods?  Any other suggestions as
> to how to charge fees? (percentages of sales is not an option).  What is
> the value of existing customer flow at this site to the market?  Anyone
> have experience of a market like the one above?

A while back, someone here surveyed stall fees.  The highest in our 
area is $15.  $300 for ten or so good markets and 15 or so marginal 
ones is quite reasonable, assuming your location gives you good crowds.  
You will probably have costs other than rent to cover, though.  IMHO, 
you really need to find some way to collect more stall fee from the 
folks with the highest sales.  Otherwise, you lockout or deter the 
smaller guys and they will not have the chance to grow.
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