Improved Okras?

MeLani M mmaysen at
Sat Dec 8 19:58:04 EST 2001

Just my $.02,

This past summer I grew Cajun Delight, instead of my usual Clemson Spineless.  (FYI - I live in Southern Missouri where we have humid and hot summers.)  I harvested my first Cajun Delight Okra in June, which is very early for our area. I was the first at our market to have Okra and my customers commented on the fresh appearance and taste.  Even the larger pods that 'got away from me' were tender, and my customers soon learned that as well.

Also, the Cajun plants seemed "leafier" and looked healthier at the end of summer than my Clemson usually do.  For me, it was worth it to get that early jump with a tast product.

Clever, Mo.

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