Improved Okras?

Alex McGregor waldenfarm at
Sat Dec 8 18:10:37 EST 2001


I grew Clemson Spineless for many years (about 20) and swore by it.  Then I
got a wild hair and tried Big 'Un (out of Texas, of course).  The flavor was
much better.  We did a taste test and everyone lied it better than C.S.  The
problem is convincing customers that it isn't tough.

Then Cajun Delight came out and I tried it against the other two.  It
produces better than C.S., the flavor is just like B.'U. (no one could taste
any difference) and it looks like C.S., so no problem marketing.  I also
found that the pods can grow bigger than C.S. without getting tough.  They're
hard to sell, so we eat & freeze any large pods that are still tender.  The
seed is more expensive, but if you direct market, your customers will be
loyal because of the superior flavor.

Alex McGregor
Another crazy- talks to hisself farmer

Jim and Julie Vaughn wrote:

> We are taking a wet, wet day to start looking at seed catalogs for next
> year.  Has anyone grown the "improved" okra varieties such as Annie
> Oakley, Cajun Delight, or North and South.  Is the extra production
> really there over Clemson Spineless to pay for the extra cost of seed?
> Also what is the customer response to okra that looks slightly darker and
> different from Clemson?

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