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> Ok, so if I'm not making "lottttttttttttts of money"...does that mean I'm 
> not crazy enough ; ))) ???

What it means is when that customer comes back next week and buys your 
products and tells you that you are their favorite vendor because your food 
(produce) is always clean and fresh and safe to eat.  I really don't beleive 
there ever is enough money to go around in this business, so you have to be 
rewarded in other ways to satisify the urge to stay in there and keep growing 
and keep selling to the best of your ability to satisfy your current 
customers and the potential of the new customers that you work to gain every 

You need good financial growth every year to stay in any business,however I 
do feel that farming in gereral has much less return on investment than a lot 
of other business, so if one decides to go in the business it has to be for 
the long run, short term just usually will not work.  I started farming in 
1964 and changed  our operation in in 1982 to direct marketing rather than 
selling grains and livestock wholesale.  Compared to what we did then, now we 
make twice the money on 13 arces as we made on 240 acres then, go figger?  
I'm really having a lot of fun doing this.

Money is Not Everything

Phil from Iowa
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