Strawberry Lane Bakery

Marie Kamphefner kampy at
Fri Dec 7 20:38:42 EST 2001

Regards to the list:

Strawberry Lane Bakery is a reality as of December 5.  We opened the doors 
at 7:00 a.m. and I was so nervous I would have thrown up if I had eaten.  I 
was so afraid nobody would show up.  As it turned out, we sold out of 
everything we thought would last a week!  Had pinto beans and ham with corn 
muffins for lunch the first day and sold a few bowls.  Next day, sold all 
the leftover soup and most of the broccoli/cheese soup and today, sold out 
of chicken and noodles.  Those roosters sure do taste good!  I looked out 
into the dining room and every table was filled with people eating, 
chatting, laughing and it was so pleasant!  Each day we take in more money.

I had heard that if you ask the angels for what you want and need out loud, 
they will help you.  So I did that.  The first morning my daughter and I 
were so swamped and a friend and her daughter-in-law came in the back door, 
grabbed aprons and helped us.  Next morning my daughter was sick and I 
asked for help again and my daughter's friend came to the door just to say 
hello.  She was out of work and I hired her on the spot and she's a 
wonderful worker.

I am selling those good old Strawberry Lane Farm fresh free-range chicken 
eggs and plan to sell our produce there next spring and summer.

Joan, how do you make your scones?????

I wil be trying the Canadian butter tarts next week.

Thanks to all of you who wrote and gave me encouragement and 
recipes!!  You're the best!

Marie in Missouri

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