salt build-up in hoophouses

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Yes Bill, I believe that copious amounts of OM forgive a multitude of sins.  We also use kelp in a dried powder form for micronutrients.  We happen to use Thorvin brand because it is what we mix with salt for our grass-fed, grass-finished cattle.

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    We've been growing in hoophouses for 7 years.  We've seen salt build up after 4.  Took the plastic off the first house that exhibited salt build-up and left it off for about 8 months.  In addition to rain, we also ran overhead sprinklers.  Salt build-up exhibited itself again in about 4 months.  We can minimize the effect by incorporating a good quantity of compost.  
  I'm curious about your thoughts on how the compost might have minimized the salt effect. O.M. maybe?

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