Hoophouses/Bill Shoemaker

sunnfarm at netscape.net sunnfarm at netscape.net
Fri Dec 7 10:35:21 EST 2001

Before you look for funding check out Rutgers,they did extensive heated high tunnel demo's in the late 80's, they built two 20x100 houses with raised fumigated beds of sand with hot water pipes under them connected to two 100 gallon gas hot water heaters,the houses were designed to produce homegrown bare root field transplants, its become an off the shelf technology and there use  is common with growers  around here, I have a 700 sq ft bench top system that works well for starting seedlings,it costs me almost $3000 to install, prices vary depending on the type of tubing and heaters you use,
but the heating the tunnel floor its more cost effective to operate than over head hot air heat.

BTW...A heated hoophouse is too valuable for growing winter vegies...Bob.
Sunny Meadow Farm
Bridgeton, NJ.


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