Looking for partners

Don George dag at efn.org
Fri Dec 7 00:49:05 EST 2001

 Greetings all, could I post this again?  I'm afraid the original implied
that a share would cost $300k!

     Pollo Verde, a 103 acre certified organic farm 17 miles southwest of
 Eugene, Oregon, is looking for one to three new partners.  We have owned
 this place free and clear for over ten years.  There are about 30 tillable
 acres and about 70 acres of forest.  There are 2 legal homesites, which is
 rare find what with Oregon's land use laws (and thank goodness for those
 laws).   We have 2 year 'round springs and a year 'round creek.  We are
 finishing up our conversion from a limited partnership, to an L.L.C.  There
 are currently only 4 partners and only 1, with her family, lives on the
 farm.  She has been growing for, and managing, a stand in a nearby town.
 The farm is appraised by the county at a little over $300k.  We have
 tied the buy-in and buy-out price to appraised value; i.e. our 4 shares are
worth $75k ea, if we add 1 more member, each would cost $60k, add one more
and the cost would be $50k, etc.  We are open to negotiations regarding time
payments if necessary.  Experience the pleasure of helping to start a
community and enterprises pretty much from the ground floor.  Email me if
 Don George
 dag at efn.org

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